About Extenders Group™

Company Overview

Extenders Group™ is diversified healthcare organization which hires or partners with advanced practice healthcare providers including Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants.

Extenders Group™ operates as united independent provider network to offer turn-key single source, cost-effective and flexible solution to hospitals, physician practices, clinics and other healthcare organizations.

Extenders Group™ Service Divisions

Extenders Group™ service divisions include Physician Extenders Services which focuses on providing clinical work at physician offices, clinics, and hospital floor settings.

PA Surgical Services which provides multi-specialty first assistant services at hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers.

ExtelHealth offers on-demand Telemedicine consultations including post-surgical patient follow-up via HIPAA compliant and secure video/audio telemedicine platform.

Physician Extenders Home Services provides patient care, transitional care and well-care visits at residences or nursing home facilities.

Our hired providers enjoy full-time and/or part-time employee benefits including paid malpractice, vacation, health insurance, professional dues and other incentives. Our contracted providers benefit from additional income opportunities, work schedule flexibility and career advancement.

Company developed its own proprietary software technology called ProSARIS (Provider Scheduling and Revenue Integration System) which allows effective utilization management, scheduling, logistics and financial performance analysis of all company operations.