About Extenders Group™

Code of Ethics

Our Mission:

To develop a highly skilled workforce of Advanced Practice providers that strengthens the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare organizations.

Company Vision:

To be the preferred solution to healthcare organization in need of Advanced Practice providers.



Our greatest asset is our people, a team with many different skills and competencies. It is the responsibility of all those affiliated to maintain the mutual respect, trust and cooperation necessary for effective teamwork.

Honesty and Integrity

We demonstrate integrity by complying with all laws, conducting accurate billing, protecting patient information, ensuring relationships with physicians, clients and all stake-holders are consistent with our mission, vision and values.


We demonstrate quality by providing care that is safe, timely, effective, efficient, equitable and patient-centered. We advance quality through continuous review and collaboration with others sharing similar values.


Professional competence is essential to serving clients and their patients as well as conducting our business effectively. We are committed to continuous improvement of technical skills, knowledge and wisdom.


Respect means honoring the dignity and worth of our fellow human beings no matter what their personal or professional circumstances may be. We celebrate and honor diversity among our clients, patients and fellow providers.


We are committed to consistently explore, study and research new concepts and opportunities. We demonstrate innovation through research, education and focus on improvement that is consistent with our mission, visit and values.