Providers Frequently Asked Questions

Is Extenders Group a staffing company?

Unlike traditional staffing companies with travel and term assignments – we work as single, united multi-specialty provider network. Most of our clients desire long-term or permanent working relationship with Extenders Group providers as it best fits their practice. Our clients prefer to outsource direct hires to Extenders Group because our business model offers large overhead cost savings, flexibility and benefits not available elsewhere.

Do you offer benefits?

Our hired providers enjoy full-time and/or part-time employee benefits including paid malpractice, vacation, health insurance, professional dues and other incentives. Our contracted providers benefit from additional income opportunities, work schedule flexibility and career advancement.

Does Extenders Group provide medical malpractice insurance?


I am currently employed but would like to have additional income only when I am available. What is my next step?

You must apply via ProSARIS portal and select relevant options. Our office staff will contact you shortly regarding your inquiry. We continuously develop and expand services including Telemedicine which may offer great flexibility and additional income stream.

Does Extenders Group provide support in the credentialing process?

Yes. Our experienced licensing and credentialing professionals will complete applications on your behalf for your review and approval, track down any references and other information needed, and work with the hospital, practice, or company to ensure a seamless process.

Does Extenders Group provide ownership opportunity or stock options to providers?

Yes. We have developed unique system for each eligible provider to accumulate “Provider Points” over time which can be converted to company stock or option based on predetermined formula.

What is ProSARIS, and why do I have to use it?

Provider Scheduling and Revenue Integration System (ProSaris) is company developed proprietary Management Platform used for all scheduling, clinical and financial performance. ProSaris will track your availability, your tasks, your credentialing, and generates statistical analysis and comparative data.

Can I develop my own business with support of Extenders Group?

Yes. We offer multiple solutions and complete business support platform for individuals who wish to create or grow their own business with-in Extenders Group service line. Each opportunity is evaluated on individual basis and must meet minimum requirements.